Women Get It Done is intent on helping shape an intersectional movement to fight for gender equity, racial justice, reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, immigrant rights, worker rights and people with disabilities. We believe that marginalized communities must be at the forefront of this intersectional movement, and achieving a truly just and equal society is a cornerstone of WGID’s mission.

To achieve this shared vision, we must actively identify and reform systems that disempower, divide and oppress people and build a movement that understands, respects and supports our country’s diversity.


WGID is creating a multiracial, intergenerational network of cis women, gender non-conforming, gender queer and allies, who will unite together to fight for equal rights and overcome injustice. We organize by creating safe spaces for people to connect in meaningful, important ways, especially for women, people of color, immigrants, gay, lesbians, bisexual, transgender, queer, gender nonconforming and poor members of our community.

It’s time we woke the country up to the stark realization that even though it’s 2017, we’re so far from equal rights. In fact, we’re now at risk for sliding backwards.

Everywhere you look, the most marginalized people in our communities are struggling. Systemic divisions and oppressions threaten the future of our country.

But there is hope. If we join together and build strong communities rooted in intersectional feminism, then we can create a true people-powered movement to fight back against injustice.

Women Get It Done is creating that network of engaged people who are committed to helping, mentoring and supporting one another in the shared vision of equal rights and social justice.


Women Get It Done commits to anti-oppression, the practice of identifying and reforming systems of power, through all aspects of our work – while empowering our members and creating opportunities for them to connect, mentor and build strong communities. The following commitments act as a guiding set of beliefs, values and practices for our organization:

‣ EXAMINING PRIVILEGE: Examining privilege and educating our members on race, gender, age, ability, mental health, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status.

‣ BUILDING SOLIDARITY THROUGH STORYTELLING: Stories act as a window to connect all of us to this intersectional movement. It’s through shared experiences that we can break down barriers and stereotypes, reveal and understand implicit biases and promote intersectionality.

‣ AMPLIFYING VOICES: Intersectional community building starts with listening to, amplifying and incorporating the voices and experiences of marginalized communities.

‣ UNDERSTANDING OPPRESSION & LANGUAGE IN THIS MOVEMENT: Developing among leadership, Chapter Chairs, and members an understanding of how oppression, white privilege and racial injustice operates across race, gender, sexuality, class, ability and other identities through our events and leadership training.

‣ CULTIVATING INCLUSION: Cultivating Chapters that welcome and reflect the diversity of the people within their communities and activating those members to take action for issue advocacy.

‣ EXPANDING TO RED/PURPLE COMMUNITIES: WGID began in San Francisco, arguably the bluest city in the country. We’ve successfully expanded to other blue cities in the country, but we need to reach people in rural, red and purple communities to raise awareness of these issues, cultivate understanding and grow our community beyond left-leaning cities.

‣ DEVELOPING DIVERSITY & REDUCING BARRIERS: Developing a leadership team and Board of Directors who reflect the diversity of our network and reducing barriers for members to participate, make their voices heard and become leaders within our organization.

‣ ACTIVATING MEMBERS FOR POLITICAL ADVOCACY: Activating our diverse membership and organizational partners to build partnerships for impactful political advocacy on critical issues that further the agenda of the intersectional women’s equality movement.


Women Get It Done commits to embodying these values through our actions and to empowering marginalized people throughout our organization. Anti-oppression work is life-long work that requires an ongoing commitment from leaders within our organization and our members. This is a living document, which shall be revised as our understanding of anti-oppression and its role in the movement for women’s equity evolves, as we partner and learn from sister organizations and as we all continue to make impact in the world around us.


Inspired by the anti-oppression work of GlobeMed.org, an organization working to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the lives of people living in poverty around the world.